Today’s motivation is from SheKnows. A popular Insta profile that helps inspire women to follow their passions.

When I saw this post on my feed, I immediately thought….YES!


How often do we feel like we are trying to keep up with everything.

Family. Friends. Work. Social Media. Travel. Latest trends. New restaurants. Celebrity news. The regular news. Your side hustle. Hobbies. Netflix shows. Newly released movies. Concerts & festivals. And of course ME time!

The list could go on forever. There is always something happening.

Have you sat back and thought, what if I

…miss that happy hour

…decline the 3rd girls/guys trip of the year

…don’t share your entire moves on the gram

…become selfish with my time.

The answer is nothing. Nothing will happen.

You will still have your friends, family and connections. And if you don’t ,well, they don’t deserve to be in your tribe.

A real friend or partner at work will understand the need for you to miss out. But the first step is YOU. You have to be content with staying in and disconnecting.

We can’t run at full speed our entire lives. We have to learn to say no.

This time of year will have you pulled in several directions. If you don’t learn to be comfortable being still, you are in for more than you can handle.

So instead of saying FOMO when you hear about the awesome happy hour that you missed last Thursday. Say JOMO. Because you enjoyed the time you had to yourself instead.