You need the help


How many times have you felt that you can do it all? All by yourself, with no help from anyone. Everyone should have a hand raised. 

Well you need help. Regardless of how large, small, public or private the matter is. You need the help. wrote a great article on how asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength. There is much more you can accomplish when you work together versus riding solo.

Think about a time where you were challenged, and I mean really challenged. When did you start to see things clear up for you? When you locked yourself in your room/office for hours? Or when you collaborated or confided in someone? Almost positive your answer is on the latter side.

I think about when I started my blog. I felt I could grow my following without the help of my friends. I figured, they would see my writing and catch on. Ha! I was wrong.

I remember getting a few text saying “you did not tell me you started blogging”. That is when I knew I was trying to do it on my own. I thought – I should ask for help and support. And I did!

I felt asking my network for help would be a bother. Instead it turns out they couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of my journey.

Asking for help at work or with your side hustle is much easier than asking for help in your home and personal life. Heaven forbid someone thinks your home life doesn’t match what you put on social media – I will save that for another day. 

Imperfections, hiccups and failures is what makes us relatable, authentic and unique. It shows that we are human. So why cover up? 

There are topics that need to be private. But that does not mean you can’t seek help. Therapy works. Career coaches work. Life coaches work. Counseling works.

The outcome you get from professional help might not be what you are seeking, but that does not mean it did not work. #Message! Sometimes we need someone from the outside to tell us the bad, or good, for it to sink in.

You can’t go through life alone. Ask for help!


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