Protect your energy

8 more days left in 2018! Where did the time go. Days, months and years drift away right before our eyes. It has to do with the amount of energy we put into everything that comes our way.

What are you doing to protect that energy….


Cancel a commitment 

When was the last time you did this? Especially on a day or week when your schedule is full. Like most of us do,  you probably still went through with it. Have you not learned to practice JOMO yet?

Not answer a call

The phone rings. And it is that one person that will drain your energy, but yet you (we) still answer. Next time let it ring. You will call them back. But if you vibes are currently radiating don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Change your mind 

Why do we think it is a sin to change our minds? Then we push ourselves to do something we don’t want to. You will not get in “trouble” if a plan changes. There is probably a reason that your mind is going a different direction.

Stay at home 

Being on the go is so 2018, ha! We work hard to provide for ourselves and those we love. To create a home to retreat to. But how often are you there? How often do you sit in the place that is supposed to be your sanctuary? Invest in your home, make it a space you miss when you are away.

Take the day off 

Have you ever played hookie? One of the best feelings is to shut everything down instantly. No emails. No calls. No meetings. No nothing. It’s an instant recharge. The next day you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Speak up

Let people know how you feel. Be respectful, but let them know. Your energy is controlled by you and if you are not voicing how others, situations and environments are effecting you then you are not in control.

Let go

Everyone is not meant to be in your life forever. There are some lifers, but that number is not as large as you think. Be OK with seasonal people. Embrace new friends. Above all, go where the good energy is. That is where you belong.


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