I never considered myself the entrepreneur type. I always said, I do not have the motivation to create something from scratch and then have energy to keep at it.

Then I began to blog and District Valley happened. And I saw entrepreneurship differently.

I thought working for yourself meant one of three things – open a brick and mortar, sell something online or get tangled in a money pyramid. Those scams! 

Blogging was not in the entrepreneur bucket. Once I created my vision for my blog I turned it into much more than writing. I created a brand.

Logos. Stationary. Website. Email address. Color scheme. Imagery. I took something simple and turned it into something that can, and will, produce one day.

I titled this post, Entrepreneur-ish. Because I am not quite there yet, but I am on my journey there.

img_6265As this photo by Foundr appeared on my timeline, I began to think. Who can I learn from? Who inspires me?

Names like, Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Sara Blakely, Dr. Dre, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Arianna Huffington  pop in my head. I could learn from each and every one of them But my pick would be Lisa Sugar, co-founder of PopSugar.

A friend of Lisa’s one day suggested to her that she turn her love for celebrity gossip into a company. Shortly there after, in partnership with her husband, PopSugar was created. And since then PopSugar has ventured out into more areas than celebrity gossip. Fashion, fitness, beauty, family, culture, and Latina are just a few categories available for readers on the website.

I picked Lisa because she had a passion for something. Created a vision. Asked for help. Put it into practice. And now it has expanded.

I had a vision about starting a blog. My partner pushed me to start it. He helped me brainstorm ideas, names and topics. Soon after District Valley was born.

I want DV to be a place where people can read about career and life motivations. A place where you can read interviews on Black Women who are making major moves in life. Content around how to make your passions and dreams come true.

That is the vision I have for my website, District Valley. One day at a time. One post at time. It will come together.