New Beginnings

2018 has been a life changing year for me.

I moved out of my apartment. 

Moved in with my partner Julian. 

We then moved into our first home together. 

We got engaged. 

And then our mothers met each other for the first time. 

When I think about what my life was like 15 months ago, it was completely different. Two major things stood out:

  1. I ended relationship with someone I did not enjoy
  2. I got a promotion at work. Which meant a new learning curve

Fast forward to today, December 27, 2018:

  1. Engaged to the the of my life
  2. Flourishing in my new career path
  3. Rejuvenated my life by starting my blog

There is more to be thankful for, but these top three are my highlights of 2018.

New beginnings are always happening in our lives. They can be life changing or it can add to the excitement you already have. Be grateful no matter the size.

But in order to move forward, you must close old doors. You can not receive new  blessings and opportunities if you are still wading in old water.

I remember when I use to dwell on failed relationships and being unsatisfied at work. Once I stopped complaining and talking about failed attempts, I began to see the excitement in the things that I was currently doing. Even if it was not exactly what I wanted to do. Make sense? 

Reminiscing on bad situations adds clouds to your days. Keep the past in the past as much as you can. Yes, there are lessons that can be shared with others from your trials and tribulations, but don’t use that as your platform every time. The more it is incorporated into your daily life and language the more weight you are adding to yourself.

Black Love Page‘s IG page sums it up nicely here:


I have closed my eyes to all the pain and hurt that I have experienced in life. My heart is open for all of the new beginnings that are coming my way. I now clearly see how to love, live and welcome new experiences. There is no better feeling than this.

Cheers to your new beginnings. I hope 2019 brings many for you.


Today’s inspiration comes from the BlackLovePage IG page. It is a community to uplift, encourage and inspire. This page will give you all the feels.