Be proud of yourself

For my birthday, my fiancĂ© got me a Peloton. Talk about best gift EVER! We did have several conversations about this world-class exercise equipment. He didn’t just buy it for me. I believe that purchasing exercise equipment for your partner can go one of two ways:

Awe thanks babe, this is perfect for me. 


You think I am fat? 

Make sure you have some subtle, or non-subtle if you are me, hints to let the one you love know that purchasing exercise equipment and gear is A OK for you.

The Peloton community is serious. I had no idea. I completed my first ride yesterday, 12/26. I was extremely proud of myself. After my 30 min 90’s hip hop ride with instructor Alex Toussaint, I did what most social media goers do, stalk on Instagram.

On the Peloton insta page I saw this…


I thought about how many times I downplayed my successes and achievements. It is hard to be your own cheerleader. Feels weird.

If you are following along with me in these last 15 days of 2018, you should remember my post on brand and reputation. I facilitate a Personal Brand Building workshop at work, and we begin the talk by saying, this is going to teach you to how to throw humility out of the window. Much harder to do than you think. 

We always want to lift other people up. Tell them how amazing they are. Say job well done. Remind them why they are special to you. Give positive feedback to your teammates at work. It is always about someone else, not you.

Issa Rae does it best in her episodes of Insecure on HBO. She stands in front of her bathroom mirror and, in the form of a rap, she tells herself how she feels about herself.

How often are you looking yourself in your own eye and telling yourself how proud of yourself you are? Try and say that three times fast.

If mirror talk isn’t your thing, than do it in a way you are most comfortable. I often have my self-motivation talks in the shower or while driving.

Or what about when someone tells you that you are awesome and you respond by saying, no I am not. Stop doing that. Take that compliment and just say thank you.

Sometimes when Julian & I give each other compliments we will respond in agreement. For example, he will say “You are so amazing” and I will respond with “Yes, I know. Thank you, I appreciate you”. We don’t do this in a boastful way or sound arrogant. We do this in a warm and loving tone. And it feels good that we can do that with each other with zero judgement or side eyes.

Think about your self-affirmations. Make room for them in your life. Don’t leave your inspiration to reading steps on a blog post or saving quotes on Pinterest. Add your voice. Then you will see the power unfold.


Today’s inspiration is from Peloton’s IG page. They are reinventing fitness with live & on-demand boutique studio classes available anytime on the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread & Peloton Digital. Their equipment is pricey, but it is worth every penny.