Virtual Vision Board

I want to share my 2019 vision board with my community. Maybe my visions could be motivation for others. Leaving one year and entering another motivates people to ditch something or shoot for the stars.

Leave me a comment if we have something in common or share what is on your 2019 vision board with me.

I hope you enjoy my virtual vision board.

Images are in no particular order. All images are from Instagram. 

My wedding day!

My vision board could not exist without wedding inspiration.

The first image is capturing my feelings after the big day is complete. The feeling of rejoice, happiness and excitement that life is just beginning.

I love Miguel & Nanazin. They did everything the way they wanted to. Without anyone’s input. That is how we are doing it. Our way.

The last image is my girlfriend Jelicza & her husband Alex. I choose an image of them because their wedding images were so magical that it still makes me gasp more than one year later.  I want to leave that feeling for my guest, viewers and most importantly for ourselves.

My Bachelorette Party!

In 2016 my mother & I visited Toronto together for the first time. Mid-way through the trip I sent a text to one of my best girlfriends. I told her that whenever I meet the one (bae didn’t exist yet), I wanted to have my Bachelorette in Toronto.

I fell in love with the city, culture, views and food while I was there. I couldn’t image celebrating my final single days anywhere else.

Fit Goals!

Since my fiancé bought me a Peloton for my 33rd birthday, I am overly motivated to get fit. The vibe that I feel when I get when I “clip in” my bike is unreal. You really feel like you are in the studio live, pumping sweat. And I love Peloton instructor AllyMissLove, her classes get me moving!

But it is not just about weight loss. It is about strength, flexibility and power. I want to feel strong. Unstoppable. That is what a fitness goal means to me.

The last photo is an image from the District Running Club. I occasionally would drop in and run with 50+ men and women through the streets of NW DC. People to your left and right cheering you on after your just met. Community and motivation. 

In 2019, I will be consistent with my fitness goals and do more.

Read More Books!

I read 15 books in 2018. My goal was to read one book a month, 12 books. I exceeded that goal. In 2019, I want to shoot for 20 books.

I love snuggling on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and escaping into a place I have never been before. Next year I am going to read more and read different. Any one have some suggestions for me? Leave a comment.

Check out my 2018 reading list.

Blogger Goals – District Valley!

Attend a blogger conference. Purchase a camera. Boss UP!

These are the visions, or goals, I have for my blog in 2019. I want to immerse myself into the blogger community, improve my photography skills and just overall excel at being a BOSS.

If anyone has conference or camera suggestions, please share below!


2018 was a year of trips, but it was not a year of vacations. There is a difference. Oh, this sounds like a future post.

Next year I want to take time to enjoy moments with the one I love and close friends. I want to embark on new adventures and soak up different cultures.

You know that saying, take time to smell the flowers.


Next year, and years to come, I want to spend more time with me. Make decisions for me. Appreciate the small things. I want to be focused on what is around me. Living in the moments that we have been granted.

Good vibes only….