11 memes that describe my feelings at work

I don’t know about you, but a good meme can lift my spirits all the way up. Especially at work.

Regardless of what industry you work in, there is always going to be something, or someone, at work that annoys you, challenges you or drains you.

When you get to that point at work pull up some memes. Get the laughing. You will be amazed. Whatever you were just thinking or dealing with will get a little bit lighter.

Here are some of my favorite work related memes.

Whatever is happening outside of work has to be masked the moment I step into the office. Because if not, people are going to start asking me “Oh Jemia, what is wrong” or “Are you feeling OK”.

Or they will say “You are not yourself today”. Insert eye roll. I don’t have time to let you know my minor drama that is happening.

So no matter what I have going on. Lights. Camera. Action. It’s Showtime.

I don’t know who started the trend where we have to celebrate everyone’s birthday or life event. But man, I sometimes feel like I am always getting an email to donate money.

And another thing, when is the last time someone collected money and gave me something. My birthday is 12/23. I barely get a “Happy Birthday” from work folk. Well in their defense it is 2 days before Christmas. And I actually do like contributing to the gifts, I just make a fuss of it… or do i?

This is the conversation I have with myself when I am laying in bed and the clock says 7:30 AM and I am trying to get to work by 8:30 AM.

When I have these internal Kermit the Frog dialogs, I either stay at work later than anticipated or I bring work home. I should just get my behind up and get to work on time.

The Kardashian memes never get old.

This is my face when people say certain things to me when they don’t really know who I am. Like when someone tries to joke with you, but you don’t really know them like that. In my head I am thinking “Umm we are not that cool.”

My work wife makes work so much better. When she is not there, I have the sad face. You don’t realize how much one person can contribute to your overall work experience.

However on the days me and the work wife do not talk, I typically get at least 1-2 more hours of work done. Hmm…its all about balance.

This one made me laugh really hard. I have done this before. To just get a couple of minutes to myself. A place where no one can find me. Of course I toilet paper the entire seat before I sit and relax. No judgement.

Me. All. Day.

But this is more so of how my weeks start. I am SHARP on Monday, but by Wednesday I am in my favorite yoga/work pants, sweater and flats.

I have my moments when I want to be super cute at work. But then I think to myself. I sit in an office all day by myself with not much contact. Who am I getting super cute for? I don’t even take selfies like that anymore. Bae doesn’t like snapchat filters -_-

Working in an office is like a high school re-do for most. It’s for those people who might have been a little strange in high school. And now they are big guy, or lady, in the office.

The pettiness just grows and grows with age. This face that Miss New York is making is a classic of mine when I see two 40+ year old men say things like “come at me bro”.

I used to put my OOO (out of office) on and still check emails. I could take one day off or a whole week and I would still check in AND respond.

Not anymore. When you get hit with that OOO now, best believe I will catch you MIDDAY on the day that I return. Hey, a sista needs time when she comes back from time off. Yea time to socialize on what I missed at work.

This is when I bring out the black girl hand clap. What, clap, don’t, clap, you, clap, under, clap, stand, clap. You see what I did there.

People that do not have common sense or slow thinkers really get under my skin. This happens all of the time. I had to learn how to have a poker face at all times, or I might have been out of a job several years ago, lol.

And finally….the Friday Face.

This is my most used workplace meme. Without the Friday text of course.

It’s someones birthday – send Leo

Someone got promoted – send Leo

Someone’s last day – send Leo

Sending Leo works for any occasion. Ever stumped on what meme to send, refer to Leo. His classic “Cheers” works for any occasion.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite workplace memes. What are some of your favorites. Share below. Wait, does it let you attach images in comments?

Disclaimer! This post is all humor. Please do not take anything out of context. I do not hate my job, I actually love my career. Everything has it’s moments. And if you haven’t had the “what am I doing here” thought ever before while at work, well then you just lying to yourself.