A Weekend in Park City, UT

Not sure if you have noticed. But the new wave¹ is traveling in mixed groups and couple’s trips. Yes, girl’s trips and guy’s trips are still fun and exciting. But when you bring together different dynamics it makes for great conversations and an immense amount of fun.

My fiancés friend group came up with an idea to take a couple’s trips last year for MLK weekend. This was the start of it all. After that weekend in the mountains with seven #BlackLove couples we were like we MUST do this every year.

MLK 2019 Weekend

So it was set. This was an annual trip. And we decided MLK weekend 2019 we would go to Park City, Utah.

Park City is one of the most beautiful places that I have laid my eyes on. And the snow made it even more breathtaking.

Park City is notably known for the Sundance Film Festival. When all the elites invade this small quaint town with enormous homes carved into the mountains.

MLK weekend runs right into the early stages of Sundance and it is also Black Ski Weekend. We had no idea about this. We counted a total of 15 black people the entire time we were there, so I do not know where they were hiding out at.

Our visit was not drastically impacted by pre-Sundancers, but you could tell a storm was coming. Sound stages and exhibits were being built. And businesses were preparing for the invasion.

Even with the minor commotion and crowds forming, we had such an amazing experience.

Here are some ideas/activities, outside of skiing, to add on your next trip to Park City.


This was an exhilarating experience that I probably will not do again. Well I can’t say never.

We rode in pairs through the snow-capped forest going speeds upwards of 50+ MPH. Once we got to the top of the mount and overlooked the valley below I was speechless.

Calm and serenity surrounded us. But that shortly ended when fiancé-bae zoomed down a hill that looked like it was made for skiers. After that I was done, and he was in timeout.

As a heads up, this attraction will cost anywhere between $300-400 for two people. Depending on your day time and how many drivers you select. Check out this company – Red Pine Tours. They are the only company in Park City that has snowmobiles.

House Hunting

This does not mean trying to hunt for a home to live or rent. This means driving around and looking at the beautiful architecture of the homes.

A lot of the mountains around Park City are non-gated and you can drive up to these million-dollar properties.

I thought I had experienced beautiful homes when I lived in Arizona. But Utah has them beat, by far. I was in awe and could not get enough of looking at the homes.

And I was not only fascinated by the 10,000+ square foot homes, I also loved the colors and structure of the “normal” size homes.

When looking from above and into the town, I kept saying “this reminds me of a snow globe.” If I shook up a snow globe it would just like Park City, UT.

Art Galleries

I have never experience this many art galleries in one area. Ever few feet we saw another art gallery. And we went into each one. We are into art and we love looking at someone’s creation. We are getting married in an art gallery! Yay!

If you are looking for a great day date activity, check out all the galleries Park City has to offer. You will not be disappointed.


This is a foodie town! You cannot go wrong with just about any restaurant that you pick. With a group of 10 exploring Park City, we conquered a few different places.

Riverhorse Provisions

We did not eat here, but we grabbed some delicious coffee before we started our house hunting tours. We did peak at the menu and it screamed “eat me”. It had everything a farm fresh restaurant would have. And they had good musical vibes. Sade was playing!

High West Distillery

Apparently, this place gets packed. And they do not take reservations. We lucked up and got a table for 6 right away on a Saturday morning at 11:30AM. But soon afterwards the small establishment quickly filled up.

They have different flight tastings that you can do here. And craft cocktails that our friends raved about. We were mid dry-January² so we had some hot apple cider and a coke. Talk about self-control.

Food is delicious, but pricey. Local’s will point you elsewhere to enjoy the same quality of grub for a cheaper price. But the exclusivity of this place just calls your name.

Average wait time is 2 hours. But they have a great system where you can put your name and number down and they will send you a text when your table is ready. So you do not have to sit around and wait. More restaurants need to do this. Those round black buzzers are played out.

Also, this is a 21+ establishment. So if you are traveling with someone under 21, including babies, you will not be able to enter.

Main St. Deli & Eatery

After leaving the fur store. Yes, I had to try on a $7,000 fox fur. We asked for a lunch recommendation from our salesman. He mentioned this local deli next door.

Delicious. I had the lamb gyro and Julian had the tuna sandwich. Both simple, but wonderfully prepared. This place probably has one of the best inside people watching views that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We opted to sit at the counter that faced main street.

We ate our sandwiches and gossiped about all the women in boots with heels trying to carefully strut down main street.

The gentleman at the fur store also recommended tupelo if we wanted to sit down.

Knife Art

Have you ever been into a knife store? Like a really nice knife store?

New West Knifeworks is new toy store to hit Park City. Yes, they call it a toy store.

They have their knives on magnetic display across the walls of this beautiful space. They also have hunting knives and axes available.

What makes this a toy store is that you can pick up anything in the store. Nothing is off limits, AND they have two tree stumps on the wall for ax throwing.

Never thought I would be excited to visit a knife store, but this was a good find on Main Street.


We found two bookstores that gave me my book fix. Dolly’s Bookstore & Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse.

Dolly’s will remind you of your neighborhood bookstore. With local picks and fan favorites. They have cute unique Park City book keepsakes that you could purchase as a souvenir.

Atticus has an interesting spin on it. They sell discounted books along with new titles. The drinks here are by far the attention grabbers. They have an amazing lineup of fresh loose teas that will warm you up as you are trekking through the streets of downtown PC.

We only spent a total of 2 full days and 3 nights in Park City. That was not nearly enough time to do everything this town has to offer. But we did make the best of our time.

We are totally adding this city on our “re-do” list! Next time we want to stay closer to Park City. We ended up having an AirBnB about 35 minutes away from Park City.

Since we traveled so close to the Sundance Film Festival, prices were inflated. And I am talking extremely inflated. Like one place was $15,000 for the weekend. Ridiculous!  

So do not feel bad if you are not able to snag a cool spot close to PC, the drive in is beautiful and it makes the trip worth it! We stayed in West Jordan, UT.

Next year, we have decided on Wyoming!

Has anyone been to Park City or Wyoming? Share below.

¹ – “New wave” means something that is currently trending right now. If something is a trending topic or a lot of people are partaking in something, that is considered a new wave. 
² Apparently Dry-January is a thing. I had never heard of it until Bae said he saw an article online about it. It is when you do not drink for the entire month of January in recouping from the holiday binge season. It was hard to not indulge in wine and whiskey, but it was worth it!