Dry January

What is Dry January? According to Wikipedia Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practiced in the United Kingdom.

I had no idea that Dry January was a thing. When my fiancé mentioned that we should refrain from drinking all January, I thought it was a great idea. 

We had plenty of life events and holidays that happened the last 2 months of 2018. 

Engagement. Plenty of drinking before, during and after! 

Trip to Belize. A TON of drinking. The rum…yum 

Thanksgiving. More drinking. Carlos Rossi  

Holiday break from work. 10am drinks on a Tuesday!

My birthday. Celebration Drinks!

Christmas. Holiday drinks. Ho ho ho

New Years Eve. Champagne all around! 

You see? Our livers needed a break. 

We decided mid-December that we were going to take this well deserved hiatus from alcohol.

We thought piece of cake. This is easy. But then we forgot. We had our annual #BlackLove couples trip to Park City! Slow blink.

Were we going to go on a mini-vacation with 8 of our friends to a city we never been to and not have a cocktail? Yes. And we did it in style.

This is how we improvised our favorite drinks through Dry January at home and while on vacation!


Instead of using champagne to make our morning, or 4pm, mimosa, we used sparking apple cider. It gave us that bubbly breakfast taste.

While we were on vacation and the rest of the crew was popping bottles, we decided to pop one of our own. It was just non-alcoholic.

A tip here, do not use a lot of OJ when using sparkling apple cider. The cider is already sweet and OJ is sweet. All you need is a splash to get the job done. But if you are anything like us, you only use a splash of OJ in your normal mimosa’s!


For you beer drinkers, this one could be hard. But we found a GREAT alternative.

Ginger Beer!

And not just any ginger beer. Appalachian Ginger Beer. This beer has a good bite to it which can give the “hoppy” effect of beer. Not to mention it comes in the dark brown beer-esque type of bottle.

This is a great for when you are at home watching the game or just want to crack a cold one after work. It is also available at a lot of restaurants and bars.


This one is HARD to duplicate or find a alternative to.

There is nothing like a great glass of wine. Red is my choice. Cab all day!

The only suggestion that I have for a wine replacement is to drink out of wine glass.

If I was drinking water. I put it in a wine glass.

Cranberry juice. Wine Glass.

La Croix. Wine Glass.

Get the picture?

There are non-alcoholic wine options out there. But most grocery stores do not carry them. You would have to visit a Total Wine or order via Amazon.

Cocktails a.k.a Mocktails

This one was fun to experiment with during the month. We love making cocktails at home. We have plenty of different mixers that we can play with.

For mocktails you just need a few key ingredients.

Tonic Water. Soda Water. Limes. Lemons. Mint. Grenadine. Roses Lime Juice. Ginger Beer. Simple Syrup. Maraschino Cherries.

Your base of your mocktail should be either tonic or soda water. Then explore from there.

When I am at restaurants I would ask them for tonic and lime in a cocktail glass. I would always have to ask for the cocktail glass, because they like to bring the non-alcoholic drinks in normal size glasses. And I don’t want that. I want to total cocktail look minus the alcohol!

Check this link for an awesome list of mocktails!

Any time you are restricting yourself from something you normally eat or drink, it is even harder to do in social settings. But this is where the real test comes in.

In moments when we felt like we wanted to dive right into an Old Fashioned, we just looked at the cocktail menus and took note of awesome drinks we can reward ourselves with when Feb 1st hits.

While at High West Distillery with our friends in Park City, everyone indulged in whiskey flights and drinks that came with whiskey infused chocolate.

We used this opportunity to try new appetizers or desserts on the menu.

It was definitely a test of will power, but we conquered it like champs.

Today is our last day of Dry January. Not only did this help us think outside the box with our beverage choices, but it helped us with better drinking decisions.

We no longer had the brunch hangover after going bottomless on a Sunday.

Nor did we have that wine headache from one too many on a Friday evening.

But I am ready for a refreshing cocktail tomorrow. We have our home bar stocked and ready to go! 

Bar is from WayFair

There are a few things that I am excited to have a delayed toast to. One being finding my wedding dress! Total fomo that I couldn’t have the cliché glass of champagne when I said yes to the dress! 

We are absolutely going to participate in a dry month each year. But instead of January we have settled on picking 31 consecutive days for an alcohol fast. No more annual friend trips with no cocktails!

Next year, we are choosing 31 days starting middle of February – Mid March!

Hey at least we are still taking time off!

Anyone else participate in Dry January? Have any good mocktail recipe?