Why I Love Being a Black Woman

I have to give ALL the credit to PopSugar for this article that popped up on my twitter feed on February 1st. The beginning of Black History Month!

If you have been following the blog you know that I write from a perspective of a Black Woman, write about Black Woman experiences and also highlight Black Women who are doing amazing things in life.

This is not to down play other races or ethnic backgrounds. I just love my culture and I love everything about being a woman in my culture. So why not celebrate it.

PopSugar released an article titled “It’s Lit: 49 Women on What They Love Most About Being Black”.

After reading this article, I was empowered, proud, celebrated and loved. The idea of me providing commentary to some of the women’s reasons popped in my head.

Don’t worry, I also give my reason why I love being a Black Woman!

Kamala Harris

“…To be black is to know that as creators, innovators, and agents of change, we embody the strength of generations that will forge the way forward for our country and our world.”

Kamala Harris – US senator and 2020 presidential candidate

Kamala is not the first Black Woman to run for president. Shirley Chisholm was in 1972. Before her in 1968, there was Charlene Mitchell.

Leonora Fulani, 1988 & 1992, was the first Black independent candidate and the first female candidate to appear on the ballot in all 50 states.

Carol Mosely-Braun, 2004, at the time had the most money raised by any woman who appeared on the Democratic primary ballot.

There are many other black woman who have made it to the ticket in their own way over the years. Isabell Masters, Monica Gail Moorehead, Cynthia McKinney, Angel Joy Chavis Rocker, and Peta Lindsay who was disqualified due to her age at the time, 27. You must be 35+ to run for president.

Thank you Queens. All of you! You are helping change our country and our world.

Natasha Rothwell

“I love being black because I’ll look 20 for the rest of my life. But mostly because of the strength, courage, wisdom, love, and resilience that I’ve inherited from my ancestors — it’s on their shoulders that I stand.”

Natasha Rothwell – Actress, Insecure on HBO

Telling someone I am 33 and watching their reactions is priceless. I love the fact that Black women age gracefully without the fillers, cosmetic surgery or any of the other young-looking serums that are out there. Melanin!!

Tarana Burke

“What I love most about being black is that there is no one way to live out my blackness. We are so much more expansive in our thoughts, interests, creativity, and actions than many folks really understand. I love that however I show up, I can do it without apology for my blackness.”

Tarana Burke – Activist, Founder of #MeToo

I’m not going to lie. I love the fact that a Black Woman was the founder of such an amazing, vulnerable and much needed movement. The #MeToo movement has brought to light some of the most horrendous acts that men have been doing to women, and men, over the years. Especially in Hollywood. Tarana, thank you my Queen. Your power is undeniable.

Courtney Kemp

“I love my hair; I love our culture — our history, our food, our music, our bodies, our shape, our spirit, our soul. I love ‘the nod.'”

Courtney Kemp – Showrunner for Showtime’s POWER

The nod! This is a universal symbol that we used to silently greet each other wherever and whenever we go. I remember as a young girl my father telling me what the unofficial black greeting was. It was the nod.

London Breed

“I get to experience the world in different ways, and despite any obstacles that come my way, I am proud to be a black woman. I take a lot of pride in being the first African-American woman to serve as mayor of such an incredible city as San Francisco…”

London Breed – Mayor of San Francisco

Despite any obstacles that come my way, I am proud of be a Black Woman! We endure so much as a Black & African Americans. And add gender inequality on top of it, the burden of Black Women can be grave.

But no matter our difficulties, circumstances or set-backs, we rise. We still rise. And I LOVE that!

Devin Ki’Elle

“There is no one more intellectually sound, resilient, or versatile than the black woman. No matter what environment I enter, I am always the flyest, most creative, and adaptive individual in the room. I don’t have to prove that to anyone, because my presence will always relay that for me. And don’t let there be more than one of us in that room, because we just upped the ante, boo!”

Devin Ki’Elle – Writer and Creator of Glossier Brown

Don’t let there be more than one of us in that room! This is so true. People of color are often in rooms where they are one of a few. So when a Black Woman enters another room and another Queen is there too. Things just leveled up. We love each other!

Aquila Farrell

“My existence as a black woman defies history. When I walk into a restaurant through the front door, sit at the front of the bus, or vote, I am breaking all the rules society once upheld. I love being a black woman because we are chameleons. I can wear any color and look like royalty. My hair is a crown that stands tall. My skin loves the sun and coconut oil. Each day I am able to walk in freedom, I am reminded of my power, strength, and my bright future.”

Aquila Farrell – Biochemist, fashion designer, and blogger

My hair is my crown and each day I am able to walk in freedom. Aquila, your quote has said it all. Where we came from, helped us define who we are today. Resilience!

Liris Crosse

“What I love about being a black woman is how beautifully resilient we are despite what we go through. We have been the backbone of change politically, in our families and in our communities by creating the world we want to see with determination and a smile. I also love the beauty of black women; we come in so many degrees of it, from skin complexion to hair texture to noses to body shape! Melanin is a gift from God — ask your 65-year-old mother who looks 50!”

Liris Crosse – Model, Actress, Author

We come in all different shapes, sizes and complexions. I love the variety that Black Women have. Our features is what makes us so unique. And again… that Melanin!

KJ Smith

“I love knowing as a black woman that we are the mothers of humanity and the heroes of the American Nation. We are secondary, but most necessary. We have, in this country, been slaves, nannies, maids, Black Panthers, civil rights activists, neighborhood mothers, trendsetters, and queens . . . and next up is president.”

KJ Smith – Actress, The Family Business

Black women we have been it ALL. Never let anyone tell you, that you cannot reach your goals. Those who came before us paved the way so we can achieve greatness.

Last but not least… ME

Jemia Young

Being a Black Woman makes me feel unstoppable. Because I will be told no more than others. And I will then prove them wrong more than others.

I love the confidence of Black Women. No matter the height, weight, complexion, hair, or whatever. We are confident, period!

My hair. I love my hair. One day I can be bone straight and the next day I can have curls. I can wear a wig or weave. Go from honey blonde to jet black. We are chameleons like Aquila said.

Black Women are the most educated group in the United States. Yet we still are unrepresented in the workforce. But that doesn’t stop us. In 2018 there was a record of 2.4 million Black Women owned businesses! If you can’t handle us at work, no worries… we got ourselves!

Our strength. We take on so much as a Black Women. Some by choice and other situations are just handed to us. We do not complain, we get it done.

Jemia Young – Certified Diversity Professional, Talent Management, Blogger

There is so much I could say about being a Black Woman, but really it’s LIT. Just like the title of the PopSugar article. I love everything about being a Black Woman.

Make sure you check out the article. They feature 49 Black Women!