OK OK, Hannah B has pulled me in…

If you are a DV follower, you know I watch the Bachelor franchise and even have blogged a few times about my thoughts.

But I was SURE that after Hannah B was announced as the next Bachelorette that I was not going to watch this woman stumble through finding her husband. Nope, not doing it.

At the end of one my recent Bachelor post I even noted that I was going to write a blog titled – Why Hannah B will make Bachelor’s diverse viewers not watch. Crickets.

Welp, according to #BlackTwitter Bachelor fans, we are here and staying. And this is probably why.

She is a NO NONSENSE woman

Before we even got to see the men enter the mansion, we saw the extended trailer for season 15. And the line that everyone was talking about was: “…all we do is talk about stupid sh*t! Figure it out or I don’t want to do this”

My expression was like “OK Hannah!”. The assumptions I had about you are beginning to fade away and the season hasn’t even started yet.

She also confronted a guy and said something along the lines of “Yes I have had sex, so what?!”.

When I saw that clip, I had a moment. Because this show, especially last season with virgin Colton which he probably still is because Cassie doesn’t like him, has started teetering around the word sex. Making it out to be something that is bad. When it’s not.

Instead of the show promoting healthy consensual sex, they poke fun of virgins and skip over women (and men) who are waiting for the right person. And Hannah is not here for that nonsense.

Bottom line, no filter Alabama Hannah has arrived!

She is a REAL person

When watching her film B-roll that would play as she adds her commentary, I witnessed that she has zero clue what she is doing and I am here for it.

Looking back at other bachelorettes (even bachelors), they had the look-away-into-the-sky-and-walk-through-the-city/field/park down pact!

They captured Hannah’s quirkiness and her uncomfortableness which is something that was missing from this franchise. I am sure other suitors were also uncomfortable, but they never really showed that side of them. They always gave us the finished product and not the real, raw and authentic person.

That is what we are getting with Hannah!

There are NO second chances

Hannah is not giving any mercy this season. She is calling things out as she sees it and taking action.

When she called Scott out to “talk” in front of all of the guys. I was like YES! It’s about time these Bachelorette’s take charge and stop creating this image of how women should act in challenging situations.

Because if that was me, I would have done the same thing. I would have been like “Scott, let’s chat!”, with a smirk on my face.

And hunty¹….when she said “come on” to him like he was a pet. I about lost it. This tweet sums up how I felt….

I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out. I am ready to watch Hannah take back this franchise and humanize it again.

Not too fond of the selection of men, but she has a good five contenders that could work out.

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1 – Hunty is a term that combines hunnie and one of the derogatory words you use to show affection to your best girlfriends, but you have to say it in a private small group setting so people do not think you are a terrible friend. Get my drift? This was coined on RuPaul’s drag race.

This is what the urban dictionary says about it – Hunty is a colloquialism used amongst the drag queen community. It is equivalent to compadre or friend and is typically said with attitude at the end of a sentence.