It’s been a triggering week and it’s only Wednesday…

I am over this week already. Like completely over it, and it is only Wednesday. Between 45’s ridiculous tweet to Luke P. being the worst image of a man, I am just entirely over almost everything. But I have some thoughts and comments I want to share.

I Can’t Breathe

Today’s marks five years since Eric Garner took his last words which were “I can’t breathe” as an NYPD office held Garner in a chokehold until he took his last breath.

Yesterday, the Department of Justice, which served ZERO justice, stated that there would be NO charges against the white officer. Just one day before the 5th anniversary of his tragic death. No justice. No peace.

But this does not come at a surprise. The Black men and women whose lives have been lost due to unlawful police force do not get justice. When the officers are charged, it usually gets dropped. Like with Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, and Philando Castile.

It just makes me feel like our lives, Black lives, are not worthy of existence. When someone can see a Black man running with a cell phone and the police think it is a gun so therefor they shoot and kill someone in their grandparent’s backyard. It further makes me believe that we do not matter.. Stephon Clark.

People say, “well if you are innocent, why do you run?”. We have no choice. We run, we get shot. We stand up in the middle of the road with our hands up. We get shot. Terence Crutcher.

It’s ri-damn-diculous. I am tired. And I don’t see it ending anytime soon. And that is a painful reality.

Go Back To Where You Came From

Is Donald serious? This has got to be a joke, right? Someone, please show the NON-racist part of this tweet.

If you do not see it, it’s because YOU probably have said something similar to this before. And the undertone’s of “…you can’t leave fast enough”. Bruh COME ON!!! This is the person America has elected to run this country, and he is tweeting nonsense like this.

‘Go back to where you came’ from is something that was told to me when I was in elementary school. Growing up white kids always thought all the Black people were born Africa, because school systems DO NOT teach the correct history, so their “line” they always used was “Go back to Africa.” And now this grown-ass man saying the same thing to four women of color who were elected to serve their communities and THIS country. Unbelievable.

And since I am on this topic of 45… Who are these BLACK WOMEN?

This is too much. I can’t take it.

If You Had Sex With Any of These Men, I Will Leave Right Now…

That is basically what Luke P. told Hannah on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette. He said to her that if she slept with any of the three guys in the fantasy suite, he would leave right now because HIS wife would never do such a thing and the marriage bed should be pure.

He then proceeded to backtrack his words and say, “it’s OK if you had a slip-up.” A slip-up?! How is having consensual sex a slip-up? Someone, please answer that question for me. Because I was at a lost for words listening to this chauvinistic man dictate what a grown woman should and should not do with her body.

What is even more shocking is that he is not the only person who thinks like this. There are so many men, especially in the midwest and southern regions, that judge and scold women for their sexual choices and what they do with THEIR OWN BODY! Unbelievable. Un-f*cking-believable.

I’ve been over Luke since episode two. He has brought nothing but trigger moments to this show. I’m glad that Hannah finally found her words and stop taking his BS.

My favorite Hannah line of the season has finally arrived, “I have had sex, and guess what Jesus still loves me.”


Can we PLEASE lock this man up and throw away the key. Why am I STILL hearing of new counts of underage sex charges and encounters? Why has this man not been given the proper sentence he should have had in 2008? And why EVERY single time an R.Kelly segment is on the news, it always has to include a snippet of a music video. STOP PLAYING HIS MUSIC!

Do you share some of my same frustrations? Share them below.