I Finally Put Myself Out There…

I’ve never talked about what I’ve been creating behind the scenes, but with everyone being stationary right now, it seems like the best time to share with my networks what I have been doing. But trust me, this was not easy for me to do. Even right now, writing this, I am already thinking fo delaying the publishing date a few weeks (I didn’t btw). 

Some great advice I give (and get) is to use your networks to push yourself ahead – in and outside of work. Use your professional network to help you achieve your goals at work. Your personal network should be there to support that and everything else in between. 

And if you have an employer like mine, those lines get blurred quite often. 

So when I started a social media venture, designed some T-Shirts, built a few websites, AND wrote a 32-Page eBook, I didn’t share with my closest friends. But why? 

I still can’t answer that question, but what I can say is when I did get the courage to tell my friends what I had been up to during early mornings, late nights, and on the weekends, they jumped headfirst in helping me promote whatever I was doing. 

I honestly think I was too afraid to ask my friends to share what I was doing on their social platforms. No clue why, because my friends ask me to do stuff to boost them all the time, and I do it with no questions asked. So why didn’t I give them that same respect?

When I saw my network WORK for me, I knew I was giving them the short end of the stick the entire time. Sorry y’all, I promise I will do better.

But it took a recent confidence boost from my girls to get to this moment. Now I am putting it all out there for everyone to see. 

Here is the rundown… 

@BlackWifeLife on Instagram 

I created this social community back in March 2019. The phrase came to me in a dream. I was engaged and dreaming about our wedding every moment. I was trolling Instagram looking for relatable images of Black love when I just said to myself, “why don’t you create your own page.” And I did. 

Like anything new on social media, it started small, but then one night it exploded with growth. It only takes ONE good post on Instagram to become Insta-famous or a trending topic. Next thing I knew, I couldn’t keep up with followers tagging and sending me images to post on my growing page. 

I had created something special, and I didn’t want this opportunity to slip. So I brainstormed what I could do with this newfound following.

This came next…

T-Shirt Business 

One day I got a direct message, and someone said: “Hey, do you sell T-Shirts because your logo would look good on a shirt?”. The thought never crossed my mind until that very moment. I researched to understand the Print-On-Demand T-Shirt business and jumped right in. 

I designed over 30 different T-shirts. I had ten different coffee mugs. Items for Bachelorette parties and so much more. But then it just sat there. No promotions, no marketing, no nothing. 

Who’s fault was that? Mine, clearly. I thought people would find my online store on the world-wide-web and start ordering. Ha, wrong! 

The real reason was, I couldn’t keep up with everything. From blogging to posting pictures on @BlackWifeLife and, of course, my full-time career, I was running out of time and energy. Looking back, if I had looped in my network sooner, some of this unwanted stress would have been non-existent.  

Somewhere in my research journey on a t-shirt business, I had the idea in my head that I needed like 40 different kinds of shirts. I need kid’s and women’s shirts. I believed that if I opened up an online store, I couldn’t only sell five shirts. Well, actually, yes, you can. 

So I did. I now only have a few of my best sellers available on my Etsy store

And the T-Shirt business led to…

My 32-Page eBook on How to Build a Business on Instagram 

I got a call one day from a friend who started a diaper bag business. He reached out to say, “Hey, do you know any expectant fathers, I have a new business/product I am launching?”. I responded with a yes, but I also got the courage to share my @BlackWifeLife story and journey. Better late than never.

I found out that he had some challenges marketing on social media, so he asked to set up a call to learn how I was able to keep a captive audience and grow at the same time. 

We ended up spending 45 minutes talking one evening, and I thought to myself, “damn, this was a podcast or a book that I just rattled off.” He agreed. 

btw…use the code BLACKWIFELIFE to get 15% off and FREE shipping on any stylish and sleek diaper bag.

Over the next three months, I spent all my free time developing and creating the 32-Page eBook that I FINALLY marketed yesterday (April 15) for the first time. The eBook was complete in January, btw. Yea, I’m trippin’. 

AND from the eBook came…

My website and TheBlackWifeLife.com 

I honestly, everyone needs to build a website to showcase talents and skills. Of course, you can use your LinkedIn, but there is nothing like a .com of your own. 

I built my website to share my area of expertise. What I am good at. No one knows what my strengths are unless you know me and my talent. So why not just put it out there. You never know what could happen or what opportunity could come your way. 

Because @BlackWifeLife rapidly grew on Instagram, I decided the next move was to start a lifestyle website. I want to connect Black women together who are married, entering marriage, or interested in getting married. This is still a work in progress, but I am talking about it before I even finish the project, which is HUGE for me. I like to share finished projects. Have to get out of that habit. 

Now here is my ask. 

Support me. 

If you are someone, or know someone, who is looking to grow on social media, more specifically Instagram, purchase my eBook – it’s only $5 on Etsy! 

Check out my T-Shirts I have available on Etsy. This one happens to be a fan favorite, and a few of my friends have already purchased some. 

Follow me on Instagram as I continue to grow and expand – @DistrictValley @BlackWIfeLife 

Share this with a friend! 

Asking for support isn’t always easy. It takes courage and vulnerability, but once you realize the power of your circles, you will never NOT ask again.