Dry January

What is Dry January? According to Wikipedia Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practiced in the United Kingdom. I had no idea that Dry January was a thing. When my fiancé mentioned that we should refrain from drinking all January, I thought it was... Continue Reading →

After Surviving R. Kelly

Warning! This post reflects my personal opinions of the Surviving R.Kelly documentary on Lifetime. This post will contain comments about sexual interactions with underage women. If you are sensitive to this topic, please refrain from reading this post. It took me about a week to watch the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. A part of me... Continue Reading →

Open letter to 2019

Dear 2019, I am excited to meet you. Excited to see what you have in store for me, both good and bad. Big and small. Far and close. Easy and challenging. 2019, I am ready for you. I am ready to celebrate life with family and friends and get married. Call him my Husband and... Continue Reading →

Virtual Vision Board

I want to share my 2019 vision board with my community. Maybe my visions could be motivation for others. Leaving one year and entering another motivates people to ditch something or shoot for the stars. Leave me a comment if we have something in common or share what is on your 2019 vision board with... Continue Reading →

Strong enough to catch me

Carrie Bradshaw. We all have a little Carrie in us. Moving to a new city for love. Endless shoe addiction. Keeps up with her tight-knit group of friends. Aspires for more in her career. Falls in love with the nice guy. Leaves the nice guy. Illustrates her own path. Endures heart aches and pain. Meets... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

2018 has been a life changing year for me. I moved out of my apartment.  Moved in with my partner Julian.  We then moved into our first home together.  We got engaged.  And then our mothers met each other for the first time.  When I think about what my life was like 15 months ago,... Continue Reading →


Christmas night. It is 10:31 PM. I have been up since 6:45AM. I've made breakfast, played white elephant, entertained both of our Mom's, washed dishes, made deviled eggs, ate Christmas dinner, played games and I haven't written anything for tomorrow (12/26). Then it comes to me - Hustle. It never stops. There are things in... Continue Reading →

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