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A place where the person behind the keyboard is real and authentic. When looking for what is next in your career, relationships or where to travel to next, I will share my views, thoughts, personal network, tips and tricks with you.

cityscape-clipart-dc-skyline-1Being born in The District of Columbia and spending a good chunk of her life in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun, I choose the name, District Valley. Joining parts of each city seemed perfect since living between D.C., Baltimore and southern Maryland shaped who I am today. phx.jpg

The abundance diversity in the DMV, D.C. Maryland & Virginia for those who were not hip, and the lack thereof in Phoenix really gave me two different perspectives on life. I believe my perspectives on topics formed from being exposed to two drastically different environments.

With proven career tips, Bachelorette reviews, professional and personal relationship advice from experts (and a little of my input), and a lifestyle section. I hope this is a place where you can return to time and time again to gain insight, support and knowledge to something you are passionate about.

So who is the author, Jemia

img_4023Jemia is a Program Manager within Inclusion & Diversity. Her primary responsibility is leading a diversity talent strategy which includes recruitment and retention of diverse talent.

Jemia knows how important it is to work for a company that embraces differences and supports authenticity in the workplace. For her, it is not just about creating a diverse workplace, it is about creating inclusive environments that reflect the communities we live in and serve.

In Jemia’s current role she engages with diverse talent on college campuses and at professional conferences about how to build confidence, preparation for life after college, and how to create/develop their personal brand. This has to be one of the most passionate components of her career- ensuring our future (diverse) leaders are equipped with the tools to be successful. If you follow her Career & Events section you will see some of the key career tips that has helped her and others rise.

Jemia also facilitates inclusion workshops at various locations within her company, partners with employee resource groups, and ensures that leadership teams are aware of diversity recruitment strategies and how to implement them.

img_0361Outside of work Jemia enjoys reading, traveling, biking, brunch, and spending time with her significant other, family and friends. In her lifestyle section, you will be able to get a glimpse of what makes her really happy and where her passions lie.

Jemia’s educational background includes a B.S. in Communications from East Carolina University. She also obtained her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.  In fall 2018 she will be attending Georgetown University to attain an Executive Certificate in Strategic Diversity  and Inclusion Management.

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