Hey everyone!

Welcome to District Valley! A place where the person behind the keyboard is real and authentic.

This is not your average blog. There is no theme, topic or niche you can expect. But what you can expect is relatability, rants (and raves), thought provoking content and the every day Black Girls voice! Oh and a few grammatical errors. Hey, I am human!

ANYTHING goes on DV! From career, Bachelor reviews, travel tips and love stories, everything you need is right here! 

What’s with this name?

Right?! District Valley is a little odd, but I LOVE IT! It describes ME. Who I am and where I came from.

Here is a quick equation to help:

Washington, DC = District (District of Columbia)

Phoenix, AZ = Valley (The Valley of the Sun)

Voila! District Valley

I was born in DC and lived in Arizona for about 9 years of my prime adolescent years.

These two cities shaped me. They made me. They are who I am.

Check out my bio to learn more about me.

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PLUS… I am undefeated in the gif game